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We offer Event Medical Cover

If you’re running an event in the UK, big or small, you will need someone with medical training on site. 

This is to make sure both your staff and your guests are kept safe, and if there are any issues that there is medical help on hand. That’s not just advice – it’s the law.

At Starfish Medical Services, we are specialists in providing medical cover for all types of public and private events, no matter what the size, across the UK. Our team can help you with every aspect of the first aid for your day – including planning and risk assessments, and on the day care.

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What is Covered?

Our entire team are paramedics or medically qualified professionals, who have dedicated years to training in the health and safety, medical first response and emergency response. From first aiders, medics, nurses, paramedics, doctors and more, we have the experience to ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible, and everyone is kept safe. We can provide event medical cover for:

  • Music events.

  • Sporting events.

  • Equestrian events.

  • Shows.

  • Motorsport.

  • TV & Film.

  • Charity events.

and more.

Levels of Cover

We can offer a variety of levels of event cover, depending on the type of staff you need, and the event you’re running.

Our levels of cover are:

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We offer businesses the opportunity to keep their staff and organisation safe through our in-depth training courses suited to all.

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